Nagarjuna Made So Much Profit on Son!


rarandoi-veduka-chuddamAs per the rumours doing rounds in industry circuits, Nagarjuna said to have pocketed huge profit on Ra Randoyi Veduka Chuddam. Since the film happens to be director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala’s immediate film after Soggade Chinni Nayana which went onto collect ground-breaking numbers in Nag’s career, naturally, trade was willing to bet high on Ra Randoyi. Distributors said to have bought the film out-rightly for a fancy price earning hefty profits to Nag.

More than a father, Nag acted as an astute producer and made business on the film. With this, Nag couldn’t change the film’s release date (May 26th) as it has already been promised to distributors who couldn’t go back as they have already paid advances to theatres and blocked them. The film is now going to be released with table profit as per schedule.

Billed to be a story of a young pair whose love entangles with a family rift, Ra Randoyi is apparently similar to Nag’s classic Ninne Pelladatha. However, the feel and treatment said to have made the difference.

But one has to wait and see whether the film would bail out its buyers or not. Let’s wait and see.