Nagarjuna Obsessed With Baahubali Quality!


NagarjunaWell, we have already revealed that senior hero Nagarjuna got upset with poor quality visual effects in Raju Gari Gadhi 2 movie and he ordered for a redo. What is being observed here is, our hero’s obsession with Baahubali quality is worrying the VFX teams.

During the making of Damarukam movie sometime back, Nagarjuna has reportedly pushed the film’s release couple of times because he wants the visual effects to be done again. Later the movie’s producer made the film release delayed for some time. And then, Akhil’s debut movie Akhil also got delayed for the sake of VFX only. Back then Nag said, “After Baahubali released, everyone is loving to watch high-quality visual effects. That’s why I’ve asked to redo some parts of the graphics work”. And now, his Raju Gari Gadhi 2 also got the same advice from him.

While Nagarjuna is obsessed with such Baahubalian quality, film circles are expressing a thought that all the films that got VFX advises from this senior hero have tumbled at the box office. If that sentimental thought is kept aside, the quality Nagarjuna asking is related to high budgets and producers are not shelling such huge stashes for visual effects studios in Hyderabad.

More than visual effects, Baahubali got decent content and a gripping tight screenplay in place first. And if films are mimicking only VFX quality after watching Rajamouli’s magnum opus, no doubt we get more like Vijay’s Puli and Karthi’s Kashmora. Think about it film folks!!