Nagarjuna’s Shocking Behavior On The Sets


NagarjunaEver since the news of Akhil’s engagement with designer Shriya Bhupal was cancelled and the couple’s wedding in May in Italy was called off, actor Nagarjuna is said to be in an utter shock. The actor is apparently very unhappy over it.

Nag, who is shooting for Raju Gari Gadhi 2, where he plays a mentalist, is said to be not talking much with unit members. He is just shooting for his portion, giving his shot when the shot is ready and just sitting calm, idle.

Usually, Nag would be very friendly with people on sets and would be free and interactive with all the unit members. But many say that it’s first time they’re seeing Nag like this.

This is not all. Nag also said to have changed his personal mobile number. Hope Nag will soon overcome this phase and let bygones be bygones.