Nagarjuna’s Touching Gesture


Fans are the main backbone of any star as they are the first audience to their films and they are the ones who do anything for their idol.

When such uncomplicated and unconditional love is showered on a person, anyone will be moved. So, many heroes give utmost respect to their fans.

We saw Pawan Kalyan visit his fans home when someone killed him out of anger. In many instances to give them a surprise Nagarjuna, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh, Prabhas met their fans too.

Now, Akkineni fan Ravinder Reddy died due to cancer few days ago. His family has been in great pain.

Nagarjuna tweeted about him and even went to their house with his wife, Amala to console them.

Fans are sharing the pics of Nag with Ravinder Reddy’s family on social media to show his love towards them.