Naidu’s reaction after Srimanthudu screening


Srimanthudu-new-posterThe basic plot of ‘Srimanthudu’ is similar to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s programme of adopting villages and developing them. Hence, BJP Leaders have every reason to be happy about the fact that such a film is being made casting a top star like Mahesh Babu in the lead role.

On Tuesday at around 6.45 pm, A special screening of ‘Srimanthudu’ was arranged by Mahesh’s brother-in-law & Guntur MP Galla Jaydev for some of the topbrass politicians in New Delhi. Everyone who were present for the special show have some very good things to say about the movie.

Post the screening, Venkaiah Naidu who asked the producers of ‘Srimanthudu’ to think about making a film on ‘Swachh Bharat’ as well said: “These days, We come across more obscenity in films. But, There is knowledge & humour in Srimanthudu. Nobody should forget their Mother, Birth Place and the Country”.