Nakshatram: Once Again!


Nakshatram-Once-Again‘Nakshatram’ shoot started one and half year back.  It should have been released in the last year itself.  But the release got delayed due to various reasons.   Somehow they have decided to release the film in this Summer.  They have made several announcements regarding the release.  Finally, they came up with a latest release date, July 28.  They have unveiled the release date posters as well.  But the movie has been postponed again as per the latest update.

The filmmakers have announced that they are going to release the film on August 4.  They said to have delayed the release by a week as ‘Gautham Nanda’ is hitting the screens on July 28 amid huge expectations.   As Rana film ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ got postponed from August 4 to 11, they have choosen August 4.   Sukumar production venture ‘Darshakudu’ is also releasing on the same day.

Krishna Vamsi is unable to create hype on ‘Nakshtram’ even though he is trying hard with glamorous promos.  Some netizens are  expressing their opinion that these postponements will leave a negative impression in the minds of audience.  We have to wait and see how Krishna Vamsi is going deal with this negativity.