Namrata And Upasna Kissing Whom??


Apparently, former heroine Namrata Shirodkar and Apollo heiress Upasna Kamineni became big celebrities in Telugu industry post marrying their respective spouses who are star heroes here. For that reason, Mahesh fans do follow Namarata for all updates while Mega fans always shower their love on Upasna for the same.

Other day both Namrata and Upasna, being good friends from a time, have attended a birthday party together and see kissing another lady on the cheeks. As the pictures of both of them kissing her at the same time got to emerge, social media wondered who that lady Dia Bhupal they are kissing is. Here goes the detail.

Did you remember, Akhil’s ex-girl friend Shriya Bhupal, who happens to be the daughter of Shalini and Som Bhupal? Now, here comes Krishna Bhupal, brother of Shriya. These two are grand kids of famous GV Krishna Reddy who owns the GVK empire as Shalini happens to be his daughter. And, Krishna Bhupal is the one who got engaged to Deccan Chronicle’s Gayatri Reddy before cancelling the wedding. Krishna married Mumbai based Jewellery designer’s daughter Dia Mehta who is now turned to Dia Bhupal.

Upasna family is having close relations with GVKs and also with the Bhupals who hail from Wanaparthy Samsthanam as well. We hear that Krishna Bhupal happens to be a cousin brother of Upasna and she has close bonding with Dia as well. Other day Dia and Krishna birthday of their kids, and there happened this click. That’s the story behind the unknown girl in the photo folks!!Namrata-And-Upasna