Nandamuri Brothers Are Poles Apart


Nandamuri-BrothersNandamuri Kalyanram is one rare actor who has not developed any anti-fans so far. The reclusive and soft-spoken Nandamuri hero is said to be a gentleman when it comes to maintaining social and family relationships. This in-turn has developed an admirable craze for Kalyanram among the Nandamuri fans and he is also loved by all the Nandamuri family members.

Recently, Kalyanram was seen at two important events which were held under the supervision of the Nara and Nandamuri families. Kalyanram was present at the Annaprasana event of Nara Devansh in Tirupati and he was also one of the guests at the Amaravati inaugural ceremony. In fact, the photograph of Kalyanram sleeping along with Devansh on his laps in the bus on his way to Amaravati has been widely shared on social media recently.

While Kalyanram’s importance in the Nara-Nandamuri families is growing with each passing day and with every event, his younger brother Young Tiger NTR seems to be lagging behind. NTR was neither present at Devansh’s Annaprasana nor the Amaravati inaugural event.

Many fans are wondering if Kalyanram could mingle freely with all the family members, why doesn’t NTR too take an initiative to sort out the differences if any and claim his position in both the families. After all, it will be a sight to behold when NTR is seen as a happy member among both the families, isn’t it?