Nani Bids Goodbye To Bigg Boss


Recent comments of Nani gave an impression that he regrets becoming the host of Bigg Boss 2 and he mayn’t be part of the Celebrity Reality Show in future. Nani is known to be non-controversial and the only hero who was liked by every section of people. He, however, ended up facing criticism at times after turning into a host.

Before Sunday’s Grand Finale, Nani placed the post – ‘Today is the finale and my LAST as the Bigg Boss host. I gave it my best. It was an amazing experience. Learnt a lot, unlearned a lot. For the one’s who liked me and the show, thank you so much…means a lot. And for the one’s who didn’t, We shall meet in theatres. Bigg Boss Ki Inka Selavu’.

Seems like, Bigg Boss Management will have to go in search of a New Host for Season 3. Vijay Devarakonda could be the first choice. Whether or not this Youth Heartthrob would accept the proposal is a million dollar question.

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