Has Nani broken a tooth?


Nani-Injured-In-Road-AccideThree days after actor Nani’s car rammed into a pole in the city, there are rumours that one of his teeth has broken. Soon after the accident took place on Friday morning, the 33-year-old tweeted that he was doing okay and had escaped without any major injuries.

However, a source says, “When the car hit the electric pole, Nani wasn’t actually wearing a seat belt. So his face hit the front seat and he lost one of his teeth.” He immediately consulted a dental specialist to fix the tooth and that’s the reason he is taking this week-long break, added the source.

Interestingly, the car involved in the accident is registered on Nani’s father, Ram Babu Ghanta’s name and there is already one pending challan (for overspeeding) against him, which means this is not the first time the actor’s car has been caught for overspeeding.

According to rumours, it was Nani who was driving the car with his father sitting beside him in the passenger seat. Once the accident occurred, the actor called his driver and fled the scene immediately.