Nani Doesn’t Want Credit For Devadas Success


Devadas movie, the multi-starrer with Nagarjuna and Nani released on 27th September. Movie performed better than the first day on Sunday and collected almost Rs. 17 crores share during weekend.

The movie is able to become a success due to Nag’s charm and Nani’s performance. His comic performance is needed to hold the interest together to otherwise a weak script.

Host at a recent interview pointed it out but Nani replied that he did not want to take the whole credit of success for himself and praised Nag for being so ego less and charming too.

He also said that Rashmika and entire cast should have share in the success and it is not because of one person a movie gets made or becomes a success.

Well, after all the negative comments he had to face for weeks he must be relieved that some positivity is coming his way and at the same time mindful of everyone’s contribution too.

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