Nani Hikes Remuneration To A Double Digit?


After touching that 30+ crore ‘share’ market with Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi, hero Nani slowly cemented his position in Tollywood by delivering some back to back hits. Insiders say that, even though the actor didn’t have good hopes on a movie like MCA, the film simply collected huge share, owing to his popularity.

Going by all these trade reports, it is heard that Nani took a major decision. From now, he’s going to demand around 10 crores for each of his projects. Recently when a star producer took a story to the talented actor, the message is given clearly that an early double-digit of 9-10 crores is what he needs now.

Earlier he used to do 2-3 movies in a year and used to make sure that his total earnings in a financial year touch 10 crores. Now that his market has been consistent, Nani is demanding 10 crores all alone for a single project, says a source. But for the kind of consistency Nani is maintaining at the box office, no doubt his is a reasonable demand.

However, Nani should take care of the story choices from now onwards. Because the budgets of his films will increase once he starts hiking remuneration. Now heroines will also demand more to act alongside him. That’s how this industry works.