Nani And Sai Pallavi’s MCA Movie Deleted Scenes


Dil Raju and Nani’s “MCA” is doing great at theatres no matter what critics said about the film. Irrespective of the simple content, craze for Nani and Sai Pallavi proved quite sensational for the movie as it has already minted 23+ crores share from the box office.

And this film has earlier stuck with some rumours like some scenes of heroine Sai Pallavi are being chopped out. Though the production house laughed at such rumours, recently the rumours have surfaced again. This is because an unused scene of the film is released by makers, which was left out at the editing table.

In that particular scene, actually Nani is seen trying to pacify Sai Pallavi and the latter will not get appeased. Later, in the end, she gives a crazy expression with her whistle as the hero walks out. Earlier rumours have come that in a scene where Sai Pallavi gave a brilliant expression that was removed. Is that this particular scene that came out in rumours back then?

Anyway, whatever the short presence of Sai Pallavi inside the film, actually she did her magic yet again, as she uttered the line ‘Nani garu’, in such cute way.