Nani Shines In Ninnu Kori Music Video


The much-hyped music video of Ninnu Kori is out. The song is beautiful, and it will take few listens to get the hang of it, but it will eventually grow. However, the real highlight of the video is none other than Nani.

Nani shines throughout the video with an excellent emotional performance. He breathes life into the already likable song. He truly seems to believe in the song, and his belief rubs off on the viewer through the performance. A case can be presented here that Nani acts more in this short video than some actors in an entire film. But let’s not get into that debate.

Check out the music video below. Nani and Nivetha Thomas, are seen again in the film after Gentleman. Aadi Pinishetty plays an important role. Gopi Sunder provides music for the film directed by debutant Shiva Nirvana.