Nani To Show His Wounded Face Today


NaniFrom last few days, there are various rumours doing rounds about hero Nani and his latest look. In connection with the early-morning accident where his car crashed into a pole on Road No 45, Jubilee Hills, some rumours say that he got a broken tooth as well.

To clear everyone about the doubts that have popped up so far about his bruised face and a broken tooth, now Nani is all set to appear before the media and fans as well. Yes, today Nani’s first ever production venture “Awe!” is seeing its pre-release event as the film is set for February 16th release. On this stage, Nani is going to host the event like an anchor and entertain everyone.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the young hero to find out what really happened to him. Some say that there are only a few bruises on his hands and nothing more, so fans need not worry about his appearance. Also if Nani is in a position where he can’t show his injured face, he won’t be hosting this event. So it looks like all is well with him.

Meanwhile, we hear that a big heroine and a star hero are likely to attend this event as Chief Guests.