Nani Wife Says Goodbye To All Bad Omens!


Nani-Wife-Says-Goodbye-To-All-Bad-OmensNani appeared stressful and completely lost in the chaos as he had to promote his multi-starrer Devadas and also host the finale of Bigg Boss Season 2.

He expressed that he is indeed stressed and needs a holiday after everything is completed. Along with him even his wife, Anjani appeared to have taken most of the stress.

She posted the picture of a Pumpikin and wrote, “Gummadikai Day” ( the day all things come to an end).

In Telugu culture and households breaking Pumpkin means relieving a person of all the bad omens and negativity. The entire of family of Nani seems to be waiting for the day of Bigg Boss finale as the relentless negativity on Nani can end.

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