Nani’s condition to turn producer!


Nani-condition-to-turn-prodActor Nani is known for his taste in cinema. He chooses good scripts and also gives break to young directors who have good talent. Many rumours were also afloat that the actor will turn a producer in some time.

When we had a chance to interact with him during his media promotions, we tried to ask him if the actor is serious about turning a producer. The actor said, ” I will produce a film if I get a script that has an idea, never made, also it should be a script that suffers to find a producer. I may not act in it and will promote any young hero in that film. For normal and slightly different scripts I don’t have to be a producer and there are many waiting to make such films with me and others.”

Many actors like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu have started their own production houses and they are co-producing their movies so that the producers will not have to bear all the burden. With Nani saying that he will not act in his production and encourage young heroes in those small budget films, one wonders how great it would be if Pawan and Mahesh also does the same and back a script.

To all the young directors and writers, you heard the actor, he is ready to produce a film if it is challenging enough. So, now it is your turn to impress the actor and become a director. All you have to do is think something so out of box that actor will be forced to fund your idea. All the best!