Nara Rohit Reveals his political plans


nara-rohit-to-join-TDPWith the upcoming political film ‘Prathinidhi’, Nara Rohit has also become a prey to rumors. After seeing a vague background of the film, many started assuming that this young man is set to get into politics.

There was even a buzz that Rohit is going to contest on behalf of TDP along with his cousin Nara Lokesh. Citing the effect of all these rumors, Rohit decided to clear the air. He mentioned that Politics is not his cup of Tea. In addition to this, Rohit mentioned that he is happy that his father and uncle are already doing the job in excellence. He doesn’t want to enter into politics for now is what we learn.

On the other hand, Rohit set to make his debut as a producer, as he is co-producing a film with Ravi Kumar Panasa which will begin very soon !!!