Nara Rohit’s Marriage Plans


nara-rohithNara Rohit is one of the most eligible bachelors in the Telugu States. He is likely to get married next year if everything falls in place. ‘I gave my consent to my parents. They are already in search of my life partner,’ he shared.

Talk about Demonetisation in Prathinidhi: ‘Doubted if it would ever happen in reality. People are facing problems post note ban but good days are ahead’.

Multi-Starrers: ‘I am always open for them. For Me, Story and My Character will be priority’.

New Year resolution of Nara Rohit would be to get into shape. He already cut down the number of films to cater enough time for fitness and production. While six films released in 2016, Rohit will have only three new outings in 2017.