Nargis Fakhri In A Jacuzzi


Those who have seen Nargis Fakhri on Karan Johar’s Coffee show should know that the actress has a great sense of humor.

She put her sense of humor at display again when she cracked a joke on Instagram. Nargis recently posted a picture of hers relaxing in a Jacuzzi with a facemask on.

“Everyone needs a little TLC. Take time out to take care of you! Using Sunrise Face mask from @smoothiebeauty & relaxing in my jacuzzi. If you ain’t got a jacuzzi make yourself a bubble bath & fart…. sorry I couldn’t resist. I know bad joke…. come on. #laugh” posted Nargis.

Fart jokes are not so funny, but who would really mind when someone with such an awesome figure cracks a mean joke?