Nayan’s ‘Coco Kokila’ Trailer Is Quite Impressive


South lady superstar is planning her wisely by accepting both female-centric as well as commercial movies and scoring hits. The actress is all set with her next outing, ‘Coco Kokila’ and the makers recently unveiled the trailer for the film which is now breaking the internet. Nayan is going to play an interesting role in this flick. The trailer gave a rough outline of how the movie is going to be. Nayan who appears in a girl-next-door look is actually playing the role of a smuggler in this movie.

To deliver 25 crores worth of drugs from one place to the other, Nayan starts her journey along with her mother, sister, and boyfriend. The troubles she faced in that journey forms the rest of the story. However, some scenes where Nayan is seen holding a gun aiming at a person is giving some hints that she wants to kill the villains. Despite having an intense backdrop of the story, the movie seems to have some funny light moments and emotions. On the whole, ‘Coco Kokila’ greatly impressed the audience. Nelson Dilip Kumar helmed this project.