Nayantara gets open invitation to Bollywood!


Nayanthara-bats-for-JallikaNayantara, the lady superstar of Tamil Industry and most famous actress in South India, got an open invitation from a popular Hindi producer, Vashu Bhagnani. The producer seemed to be in complete awe of the actress praising her about the way she conducts herself in the media and industry. He said he heard a lot about her professionalism and quipped that it is missing from current generation actors and they need to learn from actresses like her.

He also addressed the fact that Nayantara doesn’t attend promotions and supported her saying, Bollywood actors including big Khans are running helter shelter for promotions, spending more than 25 to 30 crores on them. He said,  “Nayantara should be an example to every actor has still commands an opening without promoting much. Popular actors should follow her example everywhere.”

He then continued saying, “Nayantara whenever she decides to act in Hindi, I will produce her film on Pooja Entertainments.” At the moment, the producer is making a movie with Nayantara in lead in Tamil, Kolayuthir Kalam, in association with Yuvan Shankar Raja. The producer expressed his happiness about releasing a direct Tamil film as they started their journey in Hindi with Hindi remake of Tamil, Chinna Mappilai. Vashu Bhagnani is also in plans to produce a Malayalam movie with MohanLal in the direction of Jeethu Joseph in association with Abhishek Films.