Nayanthara Strong Reply to Detractors


Nayanthara-bats-for-JallikaSouth Indian top actress Nayanthara has responded to the allegations of he being headstrong and admitted that she is arrogant but in her own way.

Nayan is very different from the current crop of actresses.  She doesn’t promote her films, doesn’t bother about what people think about her, she is not active on social media and yet she is the highest paid actress. She is often accused by some sections of media and industry people as an insolent woman.
In a recent interview, Nayan has reportedly confessed that she responds arrogantly to only the people who don’t respect her. ‘In the initial days of my career, I used to blindly follow my producers and directors, be it in the case of stories or exposing. Now, as I have started acting mature and taking decisions on my own, people are calling me headstrong,’ she said.

When asked about not promoting her own films, Nayan said that she discusses about promotions and all other things with the filmmakers before she signs movies. ‘Not the people that I have worked with but outsiders are propagating these rumors about me,’ she clarified.

‘Being an actress is not easy and I work very hard to keep my career alive. People who know me, have no complaints against me and that’s the only thing that matters to me,’ she quipped.