NBK101 Leaked Video Goes Viral


Nandamuri Balakrishna is presently doing his 101st film in the direction of Puri Jagannadh.  Balayya-Puri combination has raised the curiosity on the film right from the announcement of the movie.  NBK101 team is presently busy in Portugal shooting for latest schedule.

Meanwhile a leaked video of the film’s shooting has surfaced in the social media.  Balayya is appearing extremly stylish in a new getup.  He is talking something with heroine Shriya and trying to convince her.. but goes away from him.  Balayya throws away his goggles Upset with her behavior.  This shot appears to be part of a sad song.  Whetever be the case, this leaked video has gone viral in the social media.

As the shooting is going on in the outdoor location, no one can really control the onlookers.  Some one might have recorded the video and shared it into the social media.  Surprisingly, some netizens are doubting that this is a publicity stunt from Puri to increase the hype on the film.  Just have a look at the video..