I Need to Create Stars for My Film: Rajamouli


Rajamouli-NewFor creating an epic like ‘Baahubali’, Rajamouli needed 5 years and he had to make the movie in two parts? So, when he makes ‘Mahabharatha‘, how many years will he need and how many should it be made into?

Rajamouli observes that he needs at least six years for ‘Mahabharatha’ and it must be made into four parts as the pic is too humungous for one or two parts. He needs many actors to play the crucial roles in the epic. Which superstar will risk six years of his career for one movie which he is going to make after eight years? He understands the need to create stars for his gigantic movie.

He needs a lot of actors to play the lead roles. Mahabharatha has many lead characters who are equally crucial to the narrative. So, the actors he chooses will become stars in the course of six years. Awesome planning!