Negative Reactions On Maharshi Ticket Price Hike


Maharshi’ is going to release Worldwide on May 9th. Not just the fans of Mahesh Babu, Most of the movie buffs are looking forward to watch FDFS of this biggie. All of them were left stunned to know about the ticket price hike.

AP Government granted permission for increasing the Ticket Price to Rs 200 apart from allowing 5 to 6 shows per day throughout the first week. Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors say such price hike and huge number of shows are mandatory to recover Rs 100 crore investment.

Common Man isn’t pleased to know about ‘Maharshi’ ticket price hike. They question, ‘Whether the Government is working for the welfare of poor or dancing to the tunes of rich producers? Nobody would complain about extra shows when there is demand but how could Govt officially allow the black marketing of tickets. Can a daily wager or farmer watch Maharshi with his family if each ticket costs Rs 200? This isn’t just about one film, but regarding all the star-studded movies. It’s like looting our hard-earned money using the craze’.

Film Analysts say, Ticket Price mayn’t always fetch good end result for the Producer or Distributors. We have seen the revenues of some biggies touch rock bottom from First Monday itself because of high pricing. ‘Maharshi’ has to attain blockbuster talk to prevent such a self goal.

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