Negative Vibes Around Nikhil’s Holi With Girls


Other day young hero Nikhil has played Holi with some college girls. And that is an all-girl Holi where our hero enacted the Lord Krishna act if we have to say.

Though this is done in support of “Kirrack Party” movie promotions as well, somehow the act won negative vibes.

Actually, Nikhil is proving himself at the box office by picking up some interesting stories these days and also he is always controversial free.

While some TV channel arranged this program where there will be only girls to celebrate Holi, the wet fun in white dresses is surely sending the wrong message.

First of all, playing Holi only with girls sounds like the hero want to cash on the glamorous setup that will elevate him high. But leaving out boys is like asking them to not come to theatres. Isn’t it?

Ever since pictures of Nikhil playing Holi with girls surfaced on the internet, there is downright criticism, with some saying that he’s encouraging sexism big time.

People close to him tried to rubbish these reports saying that Nikhil tried his best to avoid the program by delaying his presence at the event, but the TV channel did everything.

A hero should take care of his image, no matter whether a TV channel arranges a program or some Baba does it.