Nepotism: New Clarification On Old Tweet!


TaapseeNepotism has become a hot topic in Bollywood for the past few months.  The discussions don’t appear to die down soon.  It all started when Kangana Ranaut made some harsh remarks on the nepotism existing in Bollywood.  Since then, everybody started giving their opinions on the topic.  ‘Pink’ beauty Taapsee also joined the nepotism discussion.

When Taapsee was working on ‘Pink’, she got ‘Judwaaa 2’ offer.  There were reports in the Bollywood media at that time that she was finalised for Sunil Shetty Son Ahan Shetty debut film.   ‘Pink’ released later.  Taapsee came up with a tweet in last December that “Nepotism. Finally LEARNT the MEANING of this word. Now will learn to deal with it.”   Whether it is her opinion or personal experience, rumours started in the media that her tweet is regarding Varun Dhawan or Ahan Shetty.

Taapsee gave clarification on her old tweet now. She said that “I don’t understand why people are thinking like that. My tweet was not aimed at anyone.  In fact, Varun’s father David Dhawan introduced me to the Bollywood with ‘Chashme Baddoor’ in 2013.  I’m working with him again Judwaa 2. Why would I talk about Varun?”  I don’t know about the project with Ahan.  Then why are you dragging him into this?”  She concluded saying that “I can’t do so much of R&D before I tweet.”

She clarified her stance on nepotism. She said that “Nepotism exists in Bollywood. It’s one of the rules of the industry.  I’m not going to revolt against it but I will work around it.”