New Demand, Ban Anushka?


Anushka-SharmaThe poor performance of Indian batsman Virat Kohli in the ODI series with South Africa is taking  a toll on Kohil’s girlfriend and actor Anushka Sharma.  As soon as India lost series to South Africa with South Africa recording a major victory in the final match of the 5-match series on Sunday in Wankhede, Mumbai, several Indian cricket fans have blamed Anushka for Kohli’s poor performance.

Taking to social networking sites, few of them went ahead and asked Mumbai Cricket Association to ban Anushka Sharma. They went onto allege that Kohli is not able to concentrate on his game because of his girlfriend Anushka.

Meanwhile, another section has come out in support of Anushka by hitting back at those who blaming Anushka. They’re questioning why only Anushka has become soft target and why not Virat is made responsible when Anushka’s film is flopped. Coming to rescue of Anushka, few even pointed out that only Virat’s girlfriend Anushka is made responsible for failure of her boyfriend whereas other cricketers who also have girlfriends are going unnoticed. All in all, poor Anushka Sharma has become soft target for Virat’s failures.