New Girl Started Showing Attitude


New-Girl-Started-Showing-AtLuckily she got recognition very early. Even though she is an average girl looks-wise, audience accepted her because of her acting skills.  She is feeling that there is no stopping for her because she tasted success.  Her attitude said to have changed along with the success and started troubling filmmakers as per the buzz in the Film Nagar. They are saying that the heroine started behaving as if she became number one in the film industry.

Several complaints are heard on that natural beauty that she is coming late to the sets… and wasting the time on the sets by working slowly.  As she scored a big hit recently, she got plenty of offers.  Producers are saying that new offers have made her over-confident and her attitude changed.  She has committed a film with a rising young hero.  Similarly, she signed another film with a hero who has good lady fan following.

Apart from these two films, she got three more offers recently. We don’t know how many of these three will go to the sets, but the beauty is thinking that she is at the top position now.  Seniors in the industry are advising her that she has to control her aggressive attitude otherwise she can’t stay in the industry for long.  We have to wait and see whether she changes her attitude or disappear from the industry in a couple of years.