New rumor on Prabhas


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Prabhas got an injury to his head
Prabhas went to coma
Prabhas was beaten up by a gang
Bahubali team gets a holiday because of Prabhas

These were the rumors about Young Rebel Star Prabhas. In fact as soon as a rumor is dismissed a fresh one seems to be born from nowhere. In fact at one point Prabhas’ uncle Krishnam Raju fired on media yet there seems no stopping to these! The latest we hear is that Prabhas has changed his religion and that he embraced Christianity! The summary of these rumors is that because of his faith in Jesus Prabhas has converted to Christianity! And it seems a political leader is behind this exercise and that this happened six months back. There is no one to give clarity on this. But we hope and believe this also is a handy job of rumor mongers!