New Technology In Annapurna Studios


Cinema has become a huge part of happiness in almost everyone’s life. Whenever people are getting bored, they are trying to watch films and also relieve some stress which is why the craze for entertaining movies is high. Keeping the outcomes of movies aside, technology has also become a part of the movie.

In the past 10 years, the technology usage in the film industry has taken a surge. Especially the filmmakers are also using the Hollywood style techniques. For example, Rajamouli completed most of the post-production works by sitting inside his studio without crossing the state borders. Annapurna, Prasad Labs, RFC Ramanaidu studios and so many other studios are getting the technology on fingertips which is making it easy for the filmmakers. Especially Prasads Labs is becoming available for almost all movies. Whatever movie it is, it will come out only after doing at least small works in the studio.

Even Annapurna Studios which was established by Akkineni Nageswara Rao is also developing these days. They made the new technology Dolby Atmos Mixing, 4K Barco Digital Intermediate etc available for the makers. Now, Nagarjuna is also working hard to make it even easier for all the directors to complete the post-production works as early as possible.