New Troubles For SRK’s Selfie Girl


Beautiful girls receiving uncountable love and marriage proposals is pretty common. But, here is the interesting case of a charming girl getting inundated with marriage proposals after she was spotted in a selfie. Well, it is no ordinary selfie as it was taken by bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan himself.

SRK recently roamed around the country to promote his ‘Raees’. Known for being a social media friendly star, he has the habit of sharing the pics and selfies with his fans. One such selfie taken by him during his visit to the Symbiosis Institute in Pune however grabbed the attention of the many.

Of course, the charismatic SRK was at the fore in this selfie but people somehow noticed a beautiful girl who was caught in the crowd that was part of the selfie. The 21-year-old Saima Hussain Mir, a Kashmiri student, soon rose to instant fame on social media as the ‘the girl with the jungle green T-shirt’.

Saima soon began receiving unknown calls, marriage proposals etc. This is one of the luckiest cases of garnering ‘Overnight Stardom’ or we can call this beautiful made ‘Selfie-made Star’.srk3