Next Film’s Script Is Also For Mega Fans


saleMega heroes doing films for fans is different, but doing films only for Mega fans is different. We need to throw a look at mega menalludu Sai Dharam Tej to understand this statement. And then, let’s talk about his next film.

Apparently “” has most of the time Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan playing the lead role. Intentionally, director Harish Shankar made mega nephew emulate his uncles in many scenes. From attire to satire, diction to body language, the young hero just recreated that ‘mega’ magic. But only mega fans will be liking such stunts rather all other audiences. Buzz is that, Saidharam’s next film “Supreme” under Anil Ravipudi’s direction, is also on same lines.

In fact, hero plays the role of a cab driver in the film and that itself is a mere reminder of Megastar Chiru from “Gangleader” yet again. So mega fans could get ready for another ‘mega’ treat, but what about other cinema lovers? The ball is in Saidharam’s court.