Nikesha Patel Hot Selfie


Power Star Pawan Kalyan is a crazy hero.. no one can match his craze.  But there is a negative sentiment that whenever Pawan Kalyan introduces a heroine to Tollywood with his films, the heroine will not make it big.  This has happened several times in the past.  Beautiful Nikesha Patel is also an example for this sentiment.

Nikesha debuted to Telugu films with Pawan’s much hyped ‘Komaram Puli’ long back..but still she is struggling to make a mark in Tollywood.  Even though she is presently doing Kannada films, she is eager to prove herself in Tollywood. She is doing a crucial role in ‘Guntur Talkies 2’.  On the personal front, she is quite active in the social media.  She has been posting her hot & bold selfies to stay in the limelight.. to keep in touch with the netizens.

In her latest selfie, she is wearing a beautiful pink T-shirt.. there is only shirt and nothing else.  She is lying on a sofa and gave a sexy pose.  This single selfie is enough to prove that she is a bombshell and our filmmakers are ignoring her. What will poor common audience do after watching this kind of selfies rather than singing ‘Maham maha maye..’ song from Komaram Puli or else how can they control their emotions ? Pawan-heroine--Maham-maha-maye