Nikhil Upcoming Movie Title as Mudra


Nikhil is right now nervously waiting for the release of his next film, Kirrak Party. The movie is scheduled to release on 16th March.

He already signed to star in the remake of Kanithan. The movie will be directed by same director, T.N. Santhosh, who directed the original.

The movie is produced by Tagore Madhu. The interesting development here is that Tagore Madhu, has registered a title, ‘Mudra’ at the Telugu Cinema Chamber of Commerce.

The title appears to be highly unique and interesting too. As the movie is about fake certificate mafia, the title seems apt too.

We have to wait and see, if the title has been registered for this film or some other film by Tagore Madhu.

The big producer is planning few more small to medium budget films. May be it could be for one of them, also.