Nikisha Patel Wants To Marry Prabhu Deva!


Prabhu Deva has definitely left a lasting impression on many youngsters, including males and females, over a generation.

His dance moves are deemed to be the best in the country and world. Nobody can match up with his style, speed and grace.

Well, he managed to impress Nayantara with same skills but that relationship ended on a sad note.

Now, he is more busy with acting and directing in movies. Nikisha Patel, Komaram Puli heroine, who worked in Tamil,Telugu and Kannada till now, shared that she wants to marry Prabhu Deva.

She said that both their families are close to each other and she wishes to marry him to a media channel.

She is finding work in Bollywood too and this statement has made her a topic of discussion once again!