Nimmakuru People stop Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham


Lakshmi-Veeragrandham‘Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham’ continue to face hurdles ever since the formal announcement. Cops disrupted the muhurat ceremony at NTR Ghat on Sunday citing lack of permission. And now, Even people of NTR’s native village Nimmakuru are against this biopic.

Nimmakuru Panchayat Members & Village Heads objected the shoot ‘Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham’ in their village when the Makers sought their permission. They opined the image of NTR & Nimmakuru will get damaged if there are any objectionable scenes in the biopic. Finally, The Film Unit gave an assurance that they won’t shoot in Nimmakuru without the consent of villagers. Later, Director Kethireddy Jagadeswar Reddy offered tributes to NTR and Basavatharakam by garlanding their statues.

Kethireddy warned Lakshmi Parvathi that he would take up ‘NTR Athma Santhi’ Yatra in Telugu States if she tries to stall the project. ‘Regular Shoot begins in December 1st week and release will be by the end of January. Popular Actors have been roped to play key roles. We are planning to release the film in Tamil and Hindi versions too,’ he informed.Lakshmi-Veeragrandham.jpg1