Ninnu Kori : Lovers Sharing Piracy Prints?


Ninnu-Kori-BusinessSuccess of a film will be enjoyed by fans in many ways. While some watch a film multiple times in theatres, some generally love to watch it again through other means. In this digital era, no matter how many measures are carefully taken, piracy monsters is spreading its claws and entertaining such fans.

For example take the case of recently released “Ninnu Kori” movie, which happens to be a favourite among youths especially in the Overseas circles. This emotional and heart-touching film garnered immense respect abroad and that is what we’re witnessing in the collections. However an interesting trend could be witnessed if we look at these intense lovers of the Nani starrer.

Those who loved the film extremely well are now said to be forwarding a high-resolution piracy print of the movie to other Ninnu Kori lovers. As many can’t get time to watch again and again in theatres, and some feeling tough to buy tickets such many times, they are now binging on the piracy print to satiate their watching pleasure.

And some people are relating this to Nani’s words from the audio launch. “Some films you watch, some you remember, but this film you’ll take home and save it in your hearts”,  Nani said then. Now these filmbuffs are saying, “We’re saving Ninnu Kori forever in hearts and hard disks as well, thanks to piracy print”.