‘Ninnu Kori’ Success Very Important To Him


Ninnu-Kori-Movie-TalkIn Telugu film industry, where writers rarely get recognition, Kona Venkat has evolved as not just a name but a brand in the last two decades. He had churned blockbuster after blockbuster until a disastrous patch struck him a few years ago.

Films such as Bruce Lee, Akhil, Shankarabharanam etc. dented his credibility as a writer. He faced flops as a producer also with his production ventures such as Saaham Swasaga Saagipo, Abhnetri, Shankarabaranam etc. biting dust at box office. After 3-4 years, Kona finally has something to be happy about.

The ever-reliable Nani has overturned the bad luck of Kona with his latest release ‘Ninnu Kori’. Kona provided screenplay and dialogues besides serving as co-producer for ‘Ninnu Kori’. The film has received decent reviews besides taking solid opening at box office.

Although director Shiva Nirvana too has written dialogues for Ninnu Kori, he has reportedly concentrated on serious dialogues, leaving the fun part to Kona, who succeeded in evoking laughs in this emotional film with his punch dialogues. Ninnu Kori is the much needed success for Kona as a writer as well as a producer.