Nithiin Got Married? No Way!


Hero Nithiin is one of the most eligible bachelors of Tollywood. So, his marriage news will surely grab the interest of the netizens. There was some news doing rounds in the social media and YouTube channels that Nithiin got married secretly. What actually happened was Nithiin’s pics released by ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ movie used for spreading these rumours.

It is known that Dil Raju recently launched a new film with Nithiin in the direction of Satish Vegesna. They have released a few stills of Nithiin and Raashi Khanna in the wedding costumes. The pics are so beautiful that one would think that they really got married. These pics have been used by some YouTube channels to create a sensation that Nithiin got married.

One heading was so misleading that ‘Evariki Teliyakunda pelli chesukunna Nithiin.. ammaayi evaro teliste shock avutaru’. When Nithiin got to know about these gossips he had a hearty laugh and he conveyed the same through Twitter.