Nithiin takes it in stride


Actor Nithiin believes that a decade of experience he has put in over the years has been his biggest learning curve, and that he has become a better person with time and experience.

“During my slump of (around 10 years), I suffered huge setbacks as my films did not do well. I was unsure of what type of scripts I should do and the kind of roles to attempt. I was constantly experimenting with various genres.”

He adds, “I felt very disappointed because my films weren’t successful and I was trying to decode what works for me. I went on an experimental spree and was trying to come back to winning ways, but nothing was working out.”

Nithiin states that bouncing back was just a matter of time. He admits, “I strongly believed that I would come back with a bang one day, I am mentally very strong. But the key to success was perseverance. No matter how many let-downs, I remained focussed. I eventually realised that action films weren’t my cup of tea because I was too young to play larger-than-life roles, and that rom-coms would suit me better.”