Nitin Comments on director Maruthi


Nitin-Comments-on-director-vulgarity he also gave that talent to his co directors and people working around him who are also following Maruthi formulas in their films.

Recently Maruthi is trying hard to kill that talk on him and started few clean films like “Radha” and “Kottha Janta’. Lover’s teaser is launched recently and Hero Nithin is invited to launch this. Nithin gave a shock to Maruthi with his speech in Lovers teaser launch. No actor dared to say such words to Maruthi.

Nithin says that “Maruthi did many vulgar films recently but he is trying to change it, I hope Radha and Lovers movie are clean films” these words from Nithin blows off Maruthi’s mind and he satsy calm until entire function. It is heard that Maruthi bought a story for Nithin too but Nithin was shocked after seeing Maruthi’s branded story.