Nitin’s Explanation Is Tough To Believe


Akhil-movie-stillMuch before “Bruce Lee” has released, hero Nitin has activated Plan-B for “Akhil”. Earlier it was thought that the film will not hit theatres only if Ram Charan’s movie turns blockbuster. But even before the mega film’s first show has hit silver screen, the change of plan is announced.

“Due to delay in graphics work we are unable to release AKHIL on Oct 22nd.. Sorry for the delay.. Will announce the new release date soon.. Sorry.. (sic)”, tweeted Nitin, explaining the reason. But one wonders what is that Graphic Work Nitin is talking about. It’s neither a “Baahubali” nor “Rudhramadevi” to depend extensively on graphics and visual effects. So, what could be the reason for postponement, in case if people feel Nitin’s explanation is tough to believe.

Seems like Nitin and Co has patiently waited till last minute to find out if “Bruce Lee” will opt from the game. But Ram Charan’s flick has stuck to what they fixed 3 months back, and October 16th is happening. Maybe for that reason, Nitin pushed the film. No matter if its festival season or not, a big player like Bruce Lee is threatening for a debuting hero. Isn’t it the reason?