Nitya Hits Back At The Haters With Style


Nithya Menon is not only a talented actress but also straightforward person who has already made some sensational comments in her past interviews by asking who is Prabhas. It is her style to talk about whatever she has in mind.

Nithya Menon is one such person who doesn’t hide anything in her heart but always voices out her opinion. But, when it comes to her personal life she likes to keep her private life a secret and whenever someone tries to ask about her personal things, she wisely escapes or gives a fitting reply. Recently, rumours came out that Nithya has put on some weight and some even commenting that she is very short. When asked the same question in an interview, Nithya fumed on the interviewer. “I am not sad that I am short or fat. I have self-confidence and I have full clarity about my life. I want to laugh at people who criticise me. Because, only people who don’t have any work do such things and people who are busy don’t get enough time to think about other’s lives,” said Nithya Menon.

There is also a talk that Nithya Menon has lost some movie offers because of her straightforward nature. However, she has few projects in her hand right now and is also being busy with the shootings. Nitya recently appeared in the latest sensational hit ‘Geetha Govindam’.