No ‘A’ Rated Movies After Her Exit


DhanalakshmiSuddenly there are no ‘A’ rated movies in Telugu Film Industry. We mean, regular commercial films are not getting ‘A’ certificate these days, but are being conferred ‘U/A’ certificate only. Why this sudden change from the Censor Board?

Big producer who doesn’t wish to be named, says, “After Dhanalakshmi’s exit as Censor Officer, almost all the big films are getting U and U/A certificates only. Earlier she used to give ‘A’, if a heroine’s navel and waist is shown from a long shot. If a knife with blood is shown, we will get A. If a harsh dialogue highlighting heroism is said, then its A. But now that ‘peeda’ has gone”.

If we look at Ram Charan’s previous film “Naayak” and present film “Bruce Lee”, the dose of glamour given by Rakul Preet is too high than what Kajal and Amala Paul have done in that past flick. Coming to action sequences, both would have equally similar blood shed scenes. But Naayak was given ‘A’ certificate and Bruce Lee got ‘U/A’, which highlights the role of Censor Board and its officers.

Well, an A certificates would eat away revenue in the form of tax, while U/A will give some relief. Otherwise, audiences and fans don’t care for these certificates. Are they?