No more bubbly and chubby; Anjali all transformed!


If you remember the actress Anjali from Shopping Mall film, many though she looked lean but very beautiful and highly talented. But then, the actress has become a little chubby and only did those characters that required her to be bubbly on screen.

Even though that is not any wrong, the actress did not get to act with the heroes of her generation but had to act with senior heroes like Venkatesh, Balakrishna. Also, her roles in many films have become monotonous. The actress might have realised just that and she started shedding extra kilos to look slim and trim.

Well, the actress has finally did it and she is looking fantabulous. The lady has decided to flaunt her curves in the sexy modern ware and she looks like a model now. Well, done Anjali, may be you will be considered for better movies, now! Anjali-all-transformed