No Censor for Arjun Reddy there!


Arjun-Reddy-Kissing-ScenesArjun Reddy has been the most talked about movie in the recent times. The film has been well promoted by the team. Mainly, the teaser where Arjun uses an unparliamentary word for another one has become most talked about as it shows the attitude of the character.

But as the teaser has been played on the popular channels without censor, the board has questioned about the same. The makers have apologised but when they received 15 cuts with ‘A’ certificate hero Vijay Devarakonda and director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga slammed them on their pre-release event.

Well, the much hyped censorship has turned out to be a non-issue in Overseas. In USA, the movie has been passed without cuts and it can be viewed by audience without any mutes. We have to see the major reaction of the families for those cuss words! But the movie has received a positive response from them till now as the movie already collected 200k dollars from the premieres only! Trade Pundits are predicting the movie to cross one Million easily.