No End to Pawan’s Japam?


pawan-kalyan-no-end-to-japaSubject “Pawan Kalyan” has become a common parlance for all the “Mega” events. Fans shouting, screaming for “Power Star”, mega heroes including its patriarch Mega Star Chiranjeevi going through “embarrassing” situations are dime a dozen. Whenever the subject Pawan Kalyan pops up, it looks it don’t go quite well with mega heroes. No doubt, “mega” brothers have unique bonding and has great affection for one another, but the topic of Pawan Kalyan cropping up time and again has become a sort of “head-ache” for them as it is “eating” away the purpose and significance of event.

Fans crying foul for Pawan’s presence, and mega heroes trying their best to give reasons for his absence at the do  or “compelled” to say few good deeds or sweet things about Pawan has become a custom. The custom has been repeated again during the audio launch of Varun Tej-starrer Mukunda. While the likes of Allu Arjun, Varun Tej, Naga Babu and Chiranjeevi were speaking about the audio of Mukunda, fans made a buzz over Pawan. However, the intensity of Pawan’s buzz is less compared to other previous mega events, but buzz is there and it can’t be ruled out. Finally, Varun came up with the “reason” that “Pawan Babayi is busy shooting in Varanasi for Gopala Gopala and he has sent his wishes through message.”

In fact, it’s not just other “mega” heroes, even Pawan Kalyan might be “embarrassing” for such acts of fans as Pawan is well-known for his simplicity and against to such hullabaloo. The big question is why Pawan not “controlling” his fans or making any attempts to bring down this “euphoria” of fans. Else Pawan bhajana would end up “diverting” the focus of event and its viewers.

Yes, it’s true that no one can control fans as they won’t heed to anyone except Pawan Kalyan. Pawan is only exception and it’s only him who could put an end to this japam. Sadly, Pawan is not communicating this to fans either directly or indirectly leading to much furore, drama. It’s high time, Pawan should seriously step in and send strong signal to fans that Mega fans are united and not to often draw his name.