No Fidaa Sequel From Kammula!


Sekhar-KammulaDirector Sekhar Kammula is back to business with a super hit like ‘Fidaa’.  He is delighted with the success of the film and he is saying that some star heroes and star producers are asking him to make another film like ‘Fidaa’.  It has become interesting to see whether Sekhar is going to make another film like ‘Fidaa’ or he is going to make a sequel?  If he really makes another film like this, can he repeat the same magic?

If we speak frankly, ‘Fidaa’ is in the same style of ‘Anand’.. ‘Godavari’.  But the only difference is Telangana backdrop and performances of the actors.  If Kammula comes up with another film like this, it will become routine.  If he tries something different like ‘Kahaani’ remake.. which he did earlier, there are very less chances of impressing the audience.  That’s the reason why producer Dil Raju said to have asked him to come up with another family drama.. or a love story with a fresh angle.

Sekhar Kammula gave a word to Dil Raju at the time of signing ‘Fidaa’ that he will make another film in his banner.  So, he is going to do his next film in Dil Raju banner.  But it is not a ‘Fidaa’ sequel as the rumours are doing rounds in the media.   Sekhar didn’t pen the story for his next film till now.  His kind of stories are suitable for medium range heroes. We have to wait and see whether he will write a story for star heroes.. or any other medium range hero.